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  We are aluminium alloy welding wire manufacturer in tianjin China  We specialize in producing TIG and MIG and rods aluminium alloy welding wire. Our supply chain reaches into the American, European and Asian markets, our products are used in motor vehicle production, shipbuilding, locomotive,and many other industries.

The standards are AlMn Welding Wire ER3103, Aluminium Welding Wire ER1100, Aluminium Welding Wire ER1070, AlCu Welding Wire ER2319, AlSi Welding Wire ER4043, AlSi Welding Wire ER4047, AlMg Welding Wire ER5356, AlMg Welding Wire ER5183, AlMg Welding Wire ER5556, AlMg Welding Wire ER5754, AlMg Welding Wire ER5087.
 aluminium alloy welding wire Application
Alloy 4943 filler metal was formulated to be welded with the same weld procedure specifications as 4043 and 4643, and does not depend upon dilution from the base metal during welding to increase the strength of the weld deposit, while maintaining the same weld characteristics and benefits of 4043 and 4643.
5183 filler metal is the most common aluminum/magnesium alloy for welding 5083 base metal in ship building applications. 5183 has higher strength values than 5356 with excellent salt water corrosion resistance when welded to 5083.
5356 filler metal is the most common aluminum/magnesium alloy for general purpose welding and is typically used in the construction industry in fabricating truck trailers, small fishing boats, and in cryogenic applications.
5554 filler metal is the most common aluminum/magnesium alloy for welding 5454 base metal where sustained elevated temperatures above 150 degrees F are experienced.
Higher strength filler metal than 5183 and is designed for welding structures where maximum as welded transverse ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and shear strength values are required.
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AWS: ER4145 Aluminum welding wire with high Silicon around 10% with low melting temperature and high fluidity.Low susceptibility to weld cracking on Aluminum copper alloys.
AWS: ER2319 Aluminum TIG Welding Rods used widely in high strength structural and aircraft applications. this alloy provides better strength and ductility than 4XXX filler metals on Aluminum Copper alloys.
AWS: ER4043 Aluminum welding wire is very commonly used for welding on 6XXX base materials and other heat treatable alloys. 4043 is a soft alloy, with good crack resistance and high penetration compared to other filler metals.
AWS: ER5556 Aluminum welding wire is a high strength Aluminum Magnesium Manganese alloy. It is commonly used for welding high strength base materials like 5083 and provides good strength on 6XXX base materials.
AWS: ER5183 Aluminum welding wire used for higher strength welding of 5XXX and 6XXX base materials. It’s has higher columnar strength and uses less amperage for the same WFS as 4XXX filler metals.