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AlSi Welding Wire, AWS ER4043
1, This type of pruduct can be used in forging and casting alloys welding due to it has silicon of 5% with the good performance in anti-thermal crack
Productusage:ships,engine,chemistry,food,sports equipment,mould,furniture,vessel,container,etc.

2, MIG-wires(mm): 0.8;0.9;1.0;1.2;1.6;2.0;2.4
3, Wire packagings:(Spools) S100/0.5kg(1lb) S200/2kg S3006kg-7kg(16lb) S360/2

we are AlSi Welding Wire ER4043 manufacturer in tianjin China  We are aluminium alloy welding wire manufacturer in tianjin China  We specialize in producing TIG and MIG and rods aluminium alloy welding wire. Our supply chain reaches into the American, European and Asian markets, our products are used in motor vehicle production, shipbuilding, locomotive,and many other industries.
AlSi Welding Wire
AWS ER4043