Xiang Welding Industrial Co Ltd

    At the moment, Xiang Welding Industrial covers an area of 300,000 square meters, with its annual production capacity of approximately 100,000 metric tons. Our welding consumables are CO2 gas shielded welding wire(MIG welding wire) AWS A5.18 ER70S-6, welding electrodes (welding rod)AWS E6013, AWS E6011, ASW E6010, AWS E7016, AWS E7018, AWS E7024, submerged-arc welding wires(SAW wire) AWS EL8, AWS EM12, AWS EM12K, Argon arc welding wire( TIG wire) AWS A5.18 ER70S-6, flux cored arc welding wire (FCAW wire) AWS A5.20 E71T-1, AWS E71T-GS.

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