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AlMn Welding Wire, AWS ER3103
1.This type of product is a non-heat treatable wrought alloy with the manganese of 1.2%. Gas welding and arc welding can be carried out easily. And weld metal using this product is of higher toughness than pure aluminium, very good corrosion resistance in seawater, good weldability and plasticity.

Product usage: ship building/marine and offshore technology, Heat exchangers, Aircraft and military components, Motor vehicle radiators, Tubing and piping, Pressure vessels etc.

2, MIG-wires Sizes (mm): 0.8;0.9;1.0;1.2;1.6;2.0;2.4
3. Wire packagings:(Spools) S100/0.5kg(1lb) S200/2kg S3006kg-7kg(16lb) S360/20kg

we are AlMn Welding Wire ER3103 manufacturer in tianjin China.  Our supply chain reaches into the American, European and Asian markets, our products are used in motor vehicle production, shipbuilding, locomotive,and many other industries.
AlMn Welding Wire 
AWS ER3103