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Aluminium Welding Wire AWS ER1100
1, This is a kind of pure aluminium welding wire with the aluminum more than 99 %.It has advantages ranges over good anti-corrosiveness,well electrical conductivity and processiveness.And it also is a kind of best choice for color-match after anodic process.Recommended type:aluminium alloy 1000
Product usage:engine,electric power,chemistry,food,etc.

2, MIG-wires(mm): 0.8;0.9;1.0;1.2;1.6;2.0;2.4
3, Wire packagings:(Spools) S100/0.5kg(1lb) S200/2kg S3006kg-7kg(16lb) S360/20kg

we are Aluminium Welding Wire ER1100 manufacturer in tianjin China.  We are aluminium alloy welding wire manufacturer in tianjin China  We specialize in producing TIG and MIG and rods aluminium alloy welding wire. Our supply chain reaches into the American, European and Asian markets, our products are used in motor vehicle production, shipbuilding, locomotive,and many other industries.
Aluminium Welding Wire 
AWS ER1100