Xiang Welding Industrial Co Ltd
 Copper alloy welding wire
 We specialize in producing copper alloy TIG and MIG welding wire from copper, copper alloys to various other kinds of nonferrous metals according to regulations GB/T9460、BS EN 14640、AWS A 5.7、AWS A 5.8 、DIN1733 and ISO24373. Meanwhile, we also actively expands into the manufacturing business of Nickel and Nickel alloy welding wire. Our supply chain reaches into the American, European and Asian markets; where our products are used in motor vehicle production, shipbuilding, locomotive,and many other industries.
the standards are Silicon Bronze ERCuSi-A, Silver Copper CuAg1, Deox Copper ERCu,  Phosphor Bronze CuSn6P, Phosphor Bronze CuSn9P, Phosphor Bronze CuSn12P, Phosphor Bronze CuSn10, Aluminum Bronze ERCuAl-A1, Aluminum Bronze ERCuAl-A2, Aluminum Bronze ERCuAl-A3, Nickel-Aluminum Bronze CuAl8Ni2, Nickel-Aluminum Bronze CuAl9Ni5, Manganese-Nickel Aluminum Bronze CuMn13Al7, Aluminum Bronze QAl9-2, Copper-Nickel CuNi10, Copper-Nickel CuNi30, Tin Brass CuZn40SnSi, Tin Brass RBCuZn-A, Low-Fuming Bronze-Nickel RBCuZn-B, Low-Fuming Bronze RBCuZn-C, Nickel Silver RBCuZn-D
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Silicon Bronze ERCuSi-A
Silicon Bronze ERCuSi-A