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AWS A5.23 F9P2-E24-GR welding fulx xiang welding is a high—basic agglomerated submerged arc flux.
AWS A5.23 F9AZ-EA2-G welding fulx xiang welding is an agglomerated, low basicity flux with pick up of Mn and Si.
AWS A5.23 F8A4-EA2-G welding fulx xiang welding is an agglomerated aluminates basic flux, with little weld metal alloy
AWS A5.23 F8A4-EG-G welding fulx xiang welding is for submerged arc multi-layer welding of 590N/mm2 high tensile steel.
AWS A5.23 F8A5-EA2-A2 welding fulx xiang welding is an agglomerated, aluminate basic flux
Designed for all SAW-processes and welding of ordinary carbon-manganese, low alloy structural and boiler quality steels with yield strength up to 355 MPa (t < 25 mm) in combination with wire grades S1, S2, S2Mo and S CrMo1.
A highly basic, agglomerated flux with a chemical composition and a production method, which guarantees almost neutral metallurgical reactions. This flux offers low oxygen and low hydrogen potentials, which permits submerged-arc welding of crack-sensitive heat treatable or heat resistant low-alloy steels and high-alloy martensitic materials.
Specially designed for welding austenitic and austenitic-ferritic stainless steels (Duplex/Superduplex). This basic, but neutral flux will produce outstanding results in the welding of the standard austenitic and heat-resisting stainless steels, when using the corresponding wire electrodes according to EN ISO 14343 or ASME II C: SFA 5.9.
EN 760: SA FB 1 55 AC is a fluoride-basic flux with high basicity and low impurity levels such as P and S . As a result of low oxygen levels in the weld deposits uniform mechanical properties with high toughness values at low temperature are achieved. 
EN 760: SA AB 1 67 AC H5 is an agglomerated welding flux of the aluminate basic type. It is suitable for joint welding of low alloy structural steels, pipe steels, boiler steels and fine grain steels. The flux is suitable for single and multilayer welding of longitudinal and circumferential and fillet welds.
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