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AWS A5.20 E70T-1C
EN ISO 17632-A-T 46 2 R C 3 H10
JIS Z 3313 T 49J 0 T15-0 C A-U
Characteristics and Application
AWS A5.20 E70T-1C Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire is a high deposition rate flux cored welding wire suitable for high speed fillet welding application in flat and horizontal position. The wire has excellent porosity resistibility for use in welding over zinc-primer surface and mill scale in high speed fillet welding. The wire generates low spatter and produces thinner slag with good slag detachability. In addition it produces deep effective throat on fillet weld and it has good arc stability and welder appeal. TM-70C is widely used in shipbuilding, bridge construction and structural fabrication.
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1. Must properly pre-heating and use inter-pass temperature in order to release hydrogen which may cause cracking in weld metal when you weld on medium and heavy plates.
2. Use DC(+) polarity and 100% C02 shielding gas.
3. Trailer shield is essential to ensure that the weld pool is completely shield by75-80% Ar-25-20% Co2 gas until solidification is complete and no porosity problem.
4. Maintain the temperature of inter-pass under 1500C with multiple-pass welding.
5. Keep the product dry, while it is stored or delivered.
C 0.05  Mn 1.40  Si 0.45  P 0.011  S 0.008
Yield strength 581Mpa  Tensile Strenght 617MPa  Elongation 28%  Charpy V-Notch -20 ℃ 70J -30 ℃ 53J
Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire