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EN 760: SA CS 2 DC gives excellent slag removal without slag residuals, in the 1st layer on preheated substrates as well as in subsequent layers. The flux has low hydrogen potential, which makes it most suitable for overlay welding of heat resistant steels such as A387–types.
EN 760: SA FB 1 65 AC shows stable metallurgical reactions and constant operating characteristics over a wide current range, also when AC-power is applied. Low flux consumption, high resistance to porosity as well as low hydrogen potential and low sensitivity to arc–blow are typical for this flux.
A semi-basic flux for joint welding of high quality steel pipes for pipeline transportation systems in the oil and gas industries. Especially recommended for single and multi-wire (up to 5 wires) submerged arc processes in the two- run technique.
EN 760: SA FB 1 67 AC H5 is especially recommended for longitudinal pipe fabrication (two-run or multi-layer technique) due to its high welding speed characteristic.
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EN ISO 14174: S A AR 1 88 AC Welding Flux. Agglomerated active type flux primarily used for single and double pass fillet welds. Excellent resistance to rust, mill scale excellent wetting of fillet weld toes and excellent slag removal.
Submerged arc flux designed for use with solid and tubular 400 series stainless wires. Excellent recovery of alloying elements such as Cr, Ni, Mo, Nb, and V. Excellent slag removal at high temperatures with oscillated welding technique.
EN ISO 14174: S A AB 1 68 AC Welding Flux. Basic agglomerated type flux producing weld deposits with good mechanical properties at low temperatures.
Flux for wind tower fabrication. Suitable for circumferential and longitudinal multi-layer welds. Productive flux with good impact toughness down to -60°F (-50°C) using standard quality S2 and S2Si solid wires
EN ISO 26304-A: S 89 4 FB T3Ni2.5Cr1Mo Welding Flux is a seamless low-alloy cored wire for welding base materials with a yield strength of up to 130 ksi (890 MPa)
SWX 160 is a high-basicity, fluoride-basic agglomerated flux for joining of a wide range of carbon and low-alloy steels. SWX 160 provides excellent impact toughnesses at low temperatures, but also provides good welding characteristics and slag release. SWX 160 contains a very low content of residual (tramp) elements, making it well suited for applications requiring a low X-Factor (< 15).