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JIS Z3251 DF2B-600-B
Notes on Usage
Welding Positions:
① Preheat at 150℃(302℉) or more than that in general.
② In case of multi-layer build-up welding or welding base metal of hardening property, underlay
with low hydrogen type carbon steel electrodes.
③ Dry the electrodes at 350~400℃(662~752℉) for 60 minutes before use.
JIS Z3251 DF2B-600-B For intermetallic heavy abrasion and soil abrasion. Hardfacing of lower rollers and bucket edges.
Characteristics on Usage
JIS Z3251 DF2B-600-B is an electrode depositing all-weld metal of typical martensite structure.
It is suitable for soil abrasion. The weld softens with the heat.