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AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E308Mo-16
JIS Z3221 ES308Mo-16
EN 1600 - E 20 10 3
Notes on Usage
Welding Positions:
① Dry the electrodes at 350℃(662℉) for 60 minutes before use.
② Keep the arc as short as possible, and avoid large width of weaving.
③ Dirt such as oil and dust should be completely removed from groove.
All positional lime-titania type electrode which is extremely suitable for welding molybdenum containing austenite stainless steel.AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E308Mo-16 can be used for welding such type as 316 stainless steel when increased ferrite is desired beyond that attainable with S-316.16N electrode.
Characteristics on Usage
This electrode welds smoothly with low spatter and good slag detachability.
AC or DC +