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AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E310-15
JIS Z3221 ES310-15
EN 1600 - E 25 20 B
Notes on Usage
Welding Positions:
① Keep the current as low as possible and the arc length as short as possible.
② Dry the electrodes at 350℃(662℉) for 60 minutes before use.
AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E310-15. Owing to the high content of alloying elements, durability is maintained in welding of carbon steel where deposited metal is diluted by the base metal. Suitable for welding of 13%Cr or clad part of 18%Cr-8%Ni stainless steel.
Characteristics on Usage
·AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E310-15  is a basic type, all-weld metal has fully austenite structure.
·All-weld metal has a good mechanical property, especially excellent toughness.