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AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E312-16
JIS Z3221 ES312-16
EN 1600 - E 29 9 R
Notes on Usage
Welding Positions:
① Preheat the base metal at over 200℃(392℉) to prevent cracking in welding of high alloyed
steel, having good hardenability such as tool steel.
② Keep the current as low as possible and length as short as possible.
③ Dry the electrodes at 350℃(662℉) for 60 minutes before use.
AWS A5.4 / ASME SFA5.4 E312-16 is a lime-titania type electrode, has an excellent usability and weldability. Chemical composition of all-weld metal is 29%Cr-9%Ni. Owing to the austenite structure containing large contents of ferrite, S-312.16 has a good crack resistibility.Excellent buffer effect against outer stress.
Characteristics on Usage
·Bond welding of dissimilar metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel and low alloy steel.
·Welding of stainless clad steel.
·Under laying of the build-up welding of high alloyed tool steel and hardfacing.