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AWS A5.14: ERNiCrMo-4
AWS A5.14: ERNiCrMo-4
AWS A5.14: ERNiCrMo-4 is a Nickel base solid wire electrode for GMAW. Suitable for welding INCONEL alloy C-276 and other nickel-chromium molybdenum alloys, cladding steel, welding carbon steel to nickel base alloys and stainless steels to nickel alloys. The weld metal is high corrosion resistant and exhibits excellent resistance against pitting and crevice corrosion as well as high strength and toughness. Excellent properties down to -196°C.
Characteristics and Application
Chemical Composition (%)
Base Materials
Wire Rod Surface:
Package Forms
Spools BS300/15 kg and drums as standard package forms for GMAW wire electrodes.
Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal
Stainless welding wire FOR MIG/MAG WELDING
EN ISO 18274: S Ni 6276
SFA 5.14 / AWS A5.14: ERNiCrMo-4
INCONEL alloy C-276, ASTM B 574, B 575, B 619, B 622 and B 628 having UNS number N10276.
5 to 9 % Ni steels for cryogenic service.
1,0 - 1,2 mm. Sizes and tolerances acc. to ISO 544 and AWS A5.14.
Welding Positions:
Smooth finish free from surface defects and foreign matter.