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AWS Class ER 4043
AWS A5.10,
AMS 4190
UNS A94043
AlSi Welding Wire
AWS ER4043
ER4043 aluminum welding wire is an aluminum alloy welding wire 5% content of Si, aluminum silicon alloy welding wire, has good fluidity. It is used for welding forging and casting materials because of low sensitivity to hot cracking.It is easy to produce brittle Mg2Si in the weld seam during welding, which reduces the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the joint.The welding is beautiful and bright, the arc is stable, the spatter is small, but after anodizing, the color is different from the base metal.
Typical Wire Chemistry:
Typical Properties
The results reported are based upon testing of the product under controlled laboratory conditions
in accordance with American Welding Society Standards. Actual use of the product may produce different
results due to varying conditions. An example of such conditions would be electrode size, plate chemistry,
environment, weldment design, fabrication methods, welding procedure and service requirements. 
Si 4.5 – 6.0
Fe 0.8
Cu 0.30
Mn 0.05
Mg 0.05
Zn 0.10
Ti 0.20
OTHER 0.15
Melting range 1170 – 1605ºF
Conductivity 42% IACS ( – O)
Density 0.097 lbs/cu in
Anodized color Gray
Tensile Strength, ksi 29
Primarily alloyed with silicon and magnesium
Great fluidity of weld puddle
Strong corrosion resistance
Intended for heat-treatable alloys 6061 and 6063