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AWS A5.9 ER 308L Stainless Welding Wire  can be used in the welding of OOCr19Ni10 (SUS 304L) and other materials in the petrochemical industry, food machinery, medical equipment and other industries. Features: The wire is 21% Cr-10% Ni ultra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel wire, with stable welding arc and beautiful shape. And it can be used for all position welding.
Stainless Welding Wire 
Characteristics and Application
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1 . Clear rust, oil, water and other impurities on the weldments before welding.
2. It is recommended to use Ar+(1%-3%)02as shielding gas in MIG welding, and use pure argon as shielding gas in TIG welding.
3. The user should develop an appropriate production welding specifications according to the circumstances.
Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
C≤ 0.03  Mn 1.00-2.50 Si 0.30-0.65  P ≤0.03  S ≤0.03  Ni 9-11 Cr 19.5-22  Mo≤ 0.75  Cu≤ 0.75
AWS A5.9 ER 308L

Tensile Strength 590MPa  Elongation 40%