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AWS A5.9: ER2594
AWS A5.9: ER2594
AWS A5.9: ER2594NL is a solid wire electrode for GMAW, suitable for welding Super-duplex stainless steels 2507 and other super-duplex stainless steels. The wire has excellent resistance to stress corrosion (SCC) in chloride-bearing environments and excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. AWS A5.9: ER2594NL is also suitable for welding Duplex stainless steel grade 2205 and corresponding duplex steels when high corrosion resistance is required.
Characteristics and Application
Chemical Composition (%)
Base Materials
Welding Positions:
Package Forms
Spools BS300/15 kg, D200/5 kg, and drums as standard package forms for GMAW wire electrodes.
Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal
Stainless welding wire FOR MIG/MAG WELDING
EN ISO 14343-A: G 25 9 4 N L
SFA 5.9 / AWS A5.9: ER2594
UNS S32760 UNS J93380, 1.4508, 1.4501, ASTM A890 6A, ASTM A182 F55 ACI, CD3MWCuN, UNS 32750, 2507, UNS S32550, S32520, UNS S39274, UNS S32950, UNS J93404, 1.4469, ASTM A890 5A, ACI CE3M
1.0 – 1,2 mm. Sizes and tolerances acc. to ISO 544 and AWS A5.9.