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AWS A5.4 E310Mo-16
EN ISO 3581-B-ES310Mo-16
JIS Z 3211 ES310Mo-16
Characteristics and Application
AWS A5.4 E310Mo-16 Welding rod, welding electrode Heat resistance corrosion and toughness are excellent. The weld metal is a full austenite structure containing 25%Cr-20%Ni. It is not necessary to pre-heat and post-weld heat treatment. It is suitable for the dissimilar metals welding, low-temperature service stainless steel, AISI 310S steel, mild steel, and Cr-Mo steel.
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1. Clean up the contaminations on the base metal, groove and pass to pass with stainless steel brush.
2. Maintain short arc length. Moving range should be controlled within 2.5 times of the wire's dia when you are welding with weave method.
3. Dry the electrodes at 300—350℃ for 60 minutes before using. Take out consumables for half day consumption and keep in the environment at 100—150℃ during welding process.
4. Due to intensive content of Cr and Ni, note to play stick with single acting method and lower current and keep inter-pass temperature under 150℃ with single-acting process to prevent from cracking.
C 0.10  Mn 1.80  Si 0.30  P 0.03  S 0.010  Cr 25.1  Ni 20.5 Mo 2.40
Tensile Strenght 600MPa Elongation 31% 
Welding rod, welding electrode