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AWS A5.23 F8A4-EG-G welding fulx xiang welding  is for submerged arc multi-layer welding of 590N/mm2 high tensile steel. It is suitable for single or tandem submerged arc welding with lower flux consumption rate, excellent porosity resistance, good slag release, smooth bead appearance and good workability. High welding efficiency, good toughness can also be obtained. It is suitable for multi-layer welding.
AWS A5.23 F8A4-EG-G
EN ISO 1417-A S 46 3 AB SZ
Characteristics and Application
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1. Dry the flux at 300—350℃ for 1—2hr if there is any concern about moisture pick-up while opening the pack.
2. When performing first pass welding, it's recommended to use lower current to prevent
3. Adding proper quantity of new flux with the used one to maintain good quality of weld metal.
Mechanical Properties 
Welding Flux
Yield strength 529Mpa Tensile Strenght 636MPa Elongation 26% Charpy V-Notch -40℃ 50J
C 0.06 Mn 1.6 Si 0.40 P 0.03 S 0.010  Mo 0.45