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AWS A5.20 E71T-1C
EN ISO 17632-A-T 46 2 P C 1 H10
JIS Z 3313 T 49J 2 T1-1 C A-U
Characteristics and Application
AWS A5.20 E71T-1C Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire is a flux-cored wire designed to be used with C02 gas and it's all-position welding with both single and multiple pass welds on mild and 490N/mm2 steels. It features good impact properties, less fume, stable arc, good slag release X-Ray inspection. Typical applications include shipbuilding, storage vessels, fabrication, machinery and piping etc.
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1. Use DC(+) polarity.
2. Use C02 (more than 99.8% purity) as shielding gas.
3. Keep the product dry, while it is stored or delivered.
C 0.05  Mn 1.3  Si 0.45  P 0.015  S 0.008
Yield strength 583Mpa  Tensile Strenght 621MPa  Elongation 30%  Charpy V-Notch -20 ℃  100J -30 ℃ 70J
Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire