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AWS A5.18 ER70S-7 MIG Welding Wire can be used for all position welding of galvanized steel plate in vehicle, building, container and so on. Characteristics: it has excellent anti porosity performance, little splash, because the chemical composition of the welding wire is properly adjusted. It is especially suitable for the welding of galvanized sheet.
MIG Welding Wire 
Characteristics and Application
Typical chemical Composition of Weld Metal (%)
Welding Positions:
Notes on usage:
1 . Clear rust, oil, water and other impurities on the weldments before welding.
2. The size of the welding line energy will directly affect the mechanical properties of the weld. The size of the line energy depends on the important level of the structure. The more important the structure is, the smaller the line energy should be taken.
3. Welding parameters are only provided for reference. The user should develop an appropriate production welding specifications according to the circumstances.

Typical Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
C 0.08  Mn 1.30 Si 0.59  P 0.015  S 0.0012 Ni 0.03 Cr 0.02  Mo 0.002 V 0.003 Cu 0.09
AWS A5.18 ER70S-7

Yield strength 440MPa  Tensile Strength 540MPa  Elongation 25%  Charpy V-Notch -30℃ 50J