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Submerged arc welding wire AWS A5.17 EL8 welding low carbon steel and some low alloy steel (such as 16Mn) structure with flux. It is a copper coated steel wire, and it can be used in automatic submerged arc welding with welding flux. The weld metal has excellent mechanical properties.
Submerged arc welding wire AWS A5.17 EL8
Chemical Composition (%)
Welding Positions:
1 The welding line energy will directly affect the mechanical properties of the weld metal. Before using it, users should make process assessments according to the welding conditions and develop appropriate technical specifications.
2. Do remove the rust, oil, water and other impurities on weldment before welding.
Mechanical Properties 
Yield strength≥330  Tensile Strength415-550MPa Elongation≥ 22% Charpy V-Notch -20℃ ≥27J
C≤ 0.10 Mn 0.30-0.60 Si ≤0.30  P≤0.03 S ≤0.03 Ni≤0.03 Cr≤0.02 Cu≤ 0.20